Corporate Governance

Corporate governance at SUPERVALU is a reflection of our focus on serving our customers. It is a commitment that we make to our associates and shareholders, ensuring that they are personally and financially invested in an ethical company that answers to a strong governing board..

As non-executive chairman of the SUPERVALU board of directors, I can assure you that your board and I regard rigorous corporate governance as more than a matter of legal and regulatory compliance. It is a standard by which we earn and maintain shareholders trust each day.

Don Chappel on Corporate Governance
Non-Executive Chairman

On September 16, 2016, SUPERVALU amended its Code of Business Conduct to modify certain provisions of SUPERVALU's Gift & Entertainment Policy. The modifications relate to participation in industry contests or drawing and notification to vendors of the Gift & Entertainment Policy.

Contact the Board

All interested parties who desire to communicate with the Board of Directors or any non-management member thereof, may do so by sending a letter addressed to the director or directors in care of the Corporate Secretary at SUPERVALU INC., P.O. Box 990, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55440. All such correspondence will be forwarded to the non-management director or directors.

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